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Border For Landscaping
An effective way to make your garden look structured and manicured is to use garden-borders, but instead of expensive professional landscape edging, plant attractive Aztec grass.
Also called Lily Turf or Monkey grass, Aztec grass is a perennial with silvery green foliage and white variegation that grows well in sun or shade and moist but well-drained soil.
Aztec grass is easy to grow and maintain and resistant to pests, disease, and drought. It makes a perfect garden border, as it’s easy to split up and replant around your garden.
Dividing your Aztec grass encourages its growth; however, this must only be done at the end of winter or the start of spring and never during its growing or flowering season.
Dig up the plant, taking care not to damage its roots. Then, use a knife to split it and separate its roots into three or four sections, making sure each portion has healthy roots.
To prevent its roots from drying out, replant the grass immediately afterward with the crown just below the soil’s surface. These new plants will regrow over spring and summer.
Peak growing season is in spring, so fertilize and prune your Aztec grass before then while it's still dormant. If properly cared for, your Aztec grass will live up to 10 years.