A professional in a hazmat suit examining asbestos insulation
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How To Spot Asbestos Insulation, According To A Construction Expert
Used for decades in construction, asbestos is now understood as toxic. We spoke exclusively with Jon Wiest of Ripped Jeans Construction to learn more about this problem.
Wiest says that “there is no foolproof way to identify asbestos itself… and when mixed in with other materials, [it is] essentially invisible to the naked eye.”
Wiest says the first step to finding asbestos at home is knowing what material it’s in. In the U.S., it’s often found in old vinyl tiles, ceiling tiles, and asbestos insulation.
If you’re unsure whether you have the hazardous substance or not, you can get the material tested to know for sure, since asbestos is hard to identify and risky to handle.
Weist notes that asbestos can lead to lung diseases like mesothelioma and asbestosis, but it’s only problematic if airborne, which happens when you get tiles or insulation removed.
When removing asbestos insulation, take precautions to avoid breathing it in. Contact an asbestos abatement company rather than a general contractor to help if unsure.