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How To Spot Authentic Depression Glass Like An Estate Sale Pro
Depression glass is coming back in style due to its colorful shades and beautiful patterns. To determine if a piece you found is the real deal, look for imperfections in the glass.
Since it was intended to be cheap and widely accessible, Depression glass was made by mass-produced molds that often resulted in rough seams, dips and divots, and air bubbles.
Use the silhouetting trick to trace a piece of paper around your glass and see how uniform the sides are. This might reveal any imperfections resulting from the machining process.
Become well-versed in the common patterns and colors, including the frequency of rarer, and thus, more valuable pieces, to further identify the Depression glass you may find.
Learning to spot milk and carnival glass, which are often mistaken for Depression glass, can also help. Although from the same era, these glass types were manufactured differently.