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How To Turn An Empty Paint Can Into A Bird Feeder On A Budget
You can create an excellent bird feeder with supplies you already have on hand by upcycling metal paint cans into cute bird feeders for your yard.
Begin by thoroughly cleaning out the inside of the paint can with dish soap and water. Remove the can's label, and let the entire thing soak overnight in hot water.
After it's dry, use hot glue to attach the wooden dowel or stick perpendicular to the front of the feeder, which will serve as a perch for feeding birds.
To hang the bird feeder, wrap the exterior in decorative ribbon (you could also use a chain, fishing line, or twine) and secure it with a dab of hot glue.
Hang the feeder from a tree branch or patio and fill it with birdseed. You could also customize your bird feeder by painting it, adding a wooden roof, or decorating it.