Christmas garland decorated with lights and ornaments
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How To Turn Ordinary Light Bulbs Into Cheery Christmas Ornaments
Using old light bulbs for décor is an excellent way to reuse them instead of throwing them out. If you enjoy DIY Christmas ornaments, consider using this simple hack.
To make a Santa Claus ornament, you’ll need old light bulbs, ribbons, scissors, a hot glue gun, markers, googly eyes, paint, and tiny Christmas hats.
Paint the light bulb with cream color or directly hot glue a few pieces of the cotton coil to the bottom half to create the beard, leaving a little room in the middle for the mouth.
Then, draw Santa's face with a black marker and add the googly eyes. Next, paint the back and sides of his face white to add hair, and let the paint dry.
Take one of the mini Santa hats and cut a small hole on each side the size of the ribbon. Hot glue one end of the ribbon to one side of the light bulb’s tip.
Slip the other end through one hole and over the hat into the other hole, and glue the other ribbon end to the bulb. Finally, slide the hat down so it rests over the tip of the bulb.