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How To Upcycle Ikea's Popular Tiles For A DIY Balcony Privacy Screen
Most balconies aren't designed to be secluded, so they offer little privacy. An easy solution is a DIY balcony privacy screen made from Ikea Altappen tiles.
As YouTuber Collette demonstrated, Ikea tiles easily lock and snap together, don't require grouting, and are made of durable plastic that can withstand outdoor conditions.
The tile package includes nine tiles for $15.99, so you might need a few boxes depending on your frame size. You'll also need a wood frame, zip ties, a saw, and wire cutters.
First, using four pieces of lumber, make a wooden frame as large as the balcony space you want to cover. Then, lay the frame on the floor and arrange the tiles on top of it.
The YouTuber fit three-and-a-half tiles across the top, cutting a bit off the fourth tile with a saw and wire cutters. Depending on the size, you may even require up to six tiles.
After you calculate how many tiles fit evenly at the top, put the first corner tile where you want it to sit on the frame and drill it in, adding screws through the holes.
Snap the remaining tiles across the top until the frame's other side and drill the last tile into the frame. Move to the next row and repeat the steps until the frame is filled.
Finally, install the privacy screen on your balcony and secure it to the rails with zip ties. Now, you can enjoy privacy on your balcony even if a neighbor's balcony is close.