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How To Wash Your Puffer Jacket So You Don't Ruin It's Cozy Warmth
Washing a puffer jacket requires specific tools: a front-loader washing machine, down detergent, tennis balls, and a tumble dryer to prevent clumping during drying.
Using a front-loader washing machine is crucial to prevent agitation that can clump feathers. Regular detergents risk stripping natural oils, so opt for a down-specific one.
Avoid fabric softeners and scent beads that can also damage the feathers. Wash the jacket on a cold, gentle cycle, followed by an extra rinse to remove all detergent residue.
Drying is key to preserving your jacket's loftiness. To protect the jacket's integrity, use a tumble dryer with tennis balls or clean socks and avoid high heat settings.
Check the jacket's size and dry it multiple times if necessary. Once dry, your puffer jacket should be perfectly puffed up, ready to keep you warm through winter.