Brown and white birds splashing in bird bath
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How To Whip Up Your Own Bird Bath With An Item In Your Kitchen
Rather than buy a bird bath from a retailer, this easy DIY offers a better solution: creating your own by using the unpartnered cookware or container lids found in your kitchen.
Clear glass rectangular bakeware lids are a popular choice, but any container lid that holds 2 inches of water will do. You’ll also need some lengths of chain and jewelry pliers.
Create a loop of chain that surrounds the handle, using the pliers to close the chain. Separate four equal lengths of chain, fastening each to the circle.
When pulled, it creates a basket that will balance the lid’s base and provide stability when hung. You can also drill holes in the lid and thread chain through to create the bath.
The chain should hold the lid level and prevent the bath from tipping or spilling. When finished, connect the chains at the top so that the bird bath hangs evenly.
Fill your new bird bath with 1 to 2 inches of water. The chain and the rim of the lid will provide a spot for birds to rest as they drink or bathe.
This DIY also works with round or square-shaped lids of all sizes as long as they have a central handle, and the chain basket format works for other vintage dishware like saucers.