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How WD-40 Can Help Loosen Your Tub’s Stuck Faucet Diverter
When a bathtub's faucet diverter — the small lever controlling the water flow between the shower and tub — becomes stuck, WD-40 can be an easy and practical solution to
loosen it.
To resolve this issue, lift the diverter and apply WD-40, then lower it and apply the lubricant again. This process should be repeated until the diverter moves smoothly.
In cases where the diverter is extremely jammed, making it impossible to move, you should consider using specialized versions of WD-40, such as Smart Straw
or EZ-Reach.
The Smart Straw comes with a rigid straw that can be pushed inside the diverter, while the EZ-Reach has an 8-inch flexible straw that can reach tight spots for optimal application.