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How You Can Attract Hummingbirds To Your Yard With A Recycled Can
If you’re looking to add an accessible hummingbird feeder to your garden, you can easily make one that’s both lightweight and durable by using an empty red Coke can.
Get some wire, plastic cap ends, and red spectrum-hued painter's tape. You’ll also need a can opener, sharp scissors, an electric drill, a metal hole punch, and needle-nose pliers.
Use the can opener to remove the tab-end of the can. Drill two holes on opposite sides of the unopened end of the can, just below the flat bottom, and thread the wire through here.
Turn the can right way up again and place one strip of tape around an inch long, each on opposite sides of the can right down near the bottom.
Use your metal hole punch to cut holes in the middle of each piece of tape. The holes should be a little less than the diameter of your small cap ends.
Press your small cap ends through the holes, then lift the tape and use scissors to shape the ends into hummer drinking holes. Thread the wire through the top of the can.
Twist the ends of the wire to create a hook to hang your feeder. Then, fill a larger cap end with nectar, and gently squeeze the sides as you slide it into the bottom of the feeder.