Red-throated hummingbird perched on a slender tree branch
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Hummingbirds Can't Get Enough Of This Beautiful Garden Flower
Hummingbirds have a symbiotic relationship with nectar-rich plants, and since they co-evolve with particular flower species, it's no wonder that they love beardtongues.
Native to North America, beardtongues are two-lipped, tubular flowers that grow in clusters. They prefer well-draining soil, enjoy plenty of sun, and don't require fertilizing.
Their tubular shape is adapted to hummingbirds' long, pointed beaks. When the birds furrow inside the flowers, pollen is deposited onto their head and carried to the next flower.
Since hummingbirds don't require a landing platform to eat, the tubular flowers of beardtongues allow hummingbirds to simply hover as they feed.
These flowers are also unscented, preventing bees and butterflies from visiting, and they range in colors from red to orange, which hummingbirds favor best.