Possible snake hole in a yard
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If You Find A Snake Hole
In Your Yard, Here's What You Need
To Do
The best way to identify a snake hole is to actually see a serpent gliding in or out. If you haven't, use a stick to check for vacancy or install a camera while exercising caution.
Your goal now is to get rid of the holes by filling and covering them. Start by smashing dirt firmly into the opening, or combine compacted soil and stones to plug the space.
Another option is to stuff steel wool into the pit as its density inhibits a snake's ability to move — moreover, the limbless reptile is unable to chew through it.
When creating a lid for the opening, take note that layering an excessive
amount of burlap or boards over a hole will simply
create an ideal space for snakes to nest.
Covering the ground with jagged chunks of wood that can injure their bellies is a simple and effective serpent deterrent. Another weapon
is the scent of cinnamon,
which they hate.
Make your yard less appealing to snakes by removing piles of dirt, rocks, bundles of firewood, and
any uneaten pet food. If all else fails, call a professional for help.