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If You See A Scarf Tied To A Tree During Winter, Here's What It Means
Many times, ribbons are tied to trunks or branches to offer support for causes, but items are tied to trees for practical uses instead, like when you find a scarf on a tree.
The meaning behind a scarf on a tree is not symbolic. It serves as a practical way for someone in need of warmth to get it, like those who may be experiencing homelessness.
Homelessness rose by 12% between 2022 and 2023, so this act of kindness, often by organizations like The Wrap Up Project, is useful for many people in America.
Before you tie a scarf to a tree in your area, ensure you aren't impinging on private property. Similarly, if you leave a scarf in a public park, make sure it's allowed.
To let people know they are free to take the scarf, you could add a note. Write something like "Please take this if you can use it" or simply "Free — please take and enjoy."