Gloved hands holding dense clay soil
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If You're Struggling With Heavy Clay Soil, This Simple Amendment Helps
Expanded shale is a lightweight particulate material that looks deceptively simple but could be a virtual miracle worker for the heavy clay problems in your garden.
After shale is fired to high temperatures in a kiln, the material emerges with a network of tiny holes. The holes give expanded shale its water drainage and retention capabilities.
With its rough, uneven shape and sturdy nature, expanded shale creates microchannels within the clay soil, helping it become less dense and easier to work with.
These pores are vital airways that allow oxygen to penetrate deeper, which is crucial for healthy root development and beneficial soil microorganisms.
Expanded shale’s porous nature also steps up soil drainage and eliminates waterlogging and root rot. As a result, your soil will warm up faster for an earlier start to planting.
As its pockets retain water and release it slowly over time, your plants receive a consistent moisture supply even during dry spells, thereby reducing the time you spend watering.
Unlike organic amendments that deteriorate over time, expanded shale's durability means that your soil will remain aerated, well-drained, and moisture-balanced for years to come.