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Increase Your Kitchen Cabinet Storage With This IKEA Spice Rack Hack
Get the most out of your available kitchen storage space by repurposing the IKEA Bekväm spice rack to improve your cabinet organization and make your utensils easily accessible.
If your cabinets are cluttered and it’s hard to reach anything, attach an IKEA spice rack to a kitchen wall or the inside of your cabinet doors to quickly access its contents.
Store a cutting board in a rack you’ve attached to the cabinet door. To hold the board up, remove the bottom panel from a second rack and attach the rack above the first one.
You can also attach a rack upside down to a wall, then hang kitchen towels, long utensils, or vegetables in mesh bags from the bar using S-hooks or shower hooks.
With the spice rack turned upside down, you can also use the shelf part to stack measuring cups, jars of dried baking goods like flour and salt, or other small cooking necessities.