Sprinkler system in a back yard.
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Is A Sprinkler Or Hose More Cost Effective For Your Lawn?
When it comes to growing grass in your yard, one of the important tasks involves watering the lawn at the right time of day and applying the right amount of water for ideal growth.
Doing the job by hand with sprinklers or a garden hose can prove challenging. For more precise results, consider installing an automatic sprinkler system instead.
An automatic sprinkler system is typically priced around $3,100, with its maintenance and repair costs ranging between $100 to $400. Meanwhile, a 100-foot hose costs $60 on Amazon.
The automatic sprinkler system may not be cost-effective when you add up the installation and maintenance costs. However, its true value lies in its time-saving abilities.
When you choose to water by hand, you can spend almost the entire day moving hoses and sprinklers around. Moreover, uneven watering can also encourage the growth of weeds.