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Is Hydrogen Peroxide Or Rubbing Alcohol Better For Household Chores?
Rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide are known for killing bacteria and are common cleaning agents for household chores. However, one is superior.
Due to its versatility in a broad range of tasks and its ability to defend against a myriad of microbial threats, hydrogen peroxide is the better choice.
From deep cleaning ovens to disinfecting kitchen surfaces and dehumidifiers to combating bathroom grime, hydrogen peroxide's efficacy transcends conventional boundaries.
Studies from Acta Virol (via CDC) and the Journal of Virological Methods confirm hydrogen peroxide's ability to inactivate the rhinovirus (common cold) and influenza virus.
The environmentally friendly nature of hydrogen peroxide, as it decomposes into water and oxygen, guarantees a clean that is both residue-free and ecologically sound.
At a 70% concentration, rubbing alcohol effectively sanitizes and excels at tackling greasy kitchen messes, but its germicidal spectrum is narrower than hydrogen peroxide.