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Is Organic Or Synthetic Fertilizer Better For Your Lawn?
Organic fertilizers are rich in nutrients but require more effort to apply. On the other hand, synthetic fertilizers are readily available in stores and offer convenience.
While either can be effective, LawnStarter CEO Ryan Farley told House Blog that synthetic fertilizers are the easier option, particularly for beginners.
Farley says synthetic fertilizers allow for easier and more precise nutrient balance. While organic fertilizer can achieve this, it’s much easier with synthetic fertilizers.
These fertilizers are typically formulated to include phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, or sulfur and can provide your lawn with the right balance of nutrients based on its needs.
After identifying what your lawn requires to maintain its health, purchase a synthetic fertilizer that includes the specific nutrients it's lacking, allowing it to thrive.
Some downsides of synthetic fertilizers are their high price, and they're not the best choice if you aim to make your lawncare routine as environmentally friendly as possible.