An open roll of wax paper
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Is Preventing Microwave Food Mess With Wax Paper Safe?
Using wax paper as a protective cover over dishes in the microwave is an effective way to prevent food from splattering and making a mess, thus keeping the appliance cleaner.
To employ this hack, place a sheet of wax paper over your dish before heating, securing it by folding the corners or tucking them underneath the vessel to ensure it stays
in place.
The USDA confirms that wax paper is safe for microwave use. Its paraffin wax coating does not melt or transfer to the food, ensuring that your meals remain uncontaminated.
Wax paper also offers a healthier alternative to plastic covers, which may leach chemicals into food. Moreover, if any wax comes into contact with the food, it is safe to ingest.
You can reuse the same sheet of wax paper as long as it remains clean. However, it can't tolerate the high heat of the oven, so opt for parchment paper in those situations.