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Is There A Difference Between A Washlet And
A Bidet?
Both the Washlet and the bidet offer unique paths to the same end goal: a cleaner, more comfortable, and more sustainable bathroom experience by reducing toilet paper consumption.
The Washlet is designed to fit various toilet styles without demanding significant bathroom remodeling. It is compact and affordable, making it accessible for
most households.
The advanced models of Washlets come with smart features like warm water jets, automatic lid opening, night lighting, and a self-cleaning function that uses electrolyzed water.
On the other hand, bidets — which can be standalone fixtures or modern toilet-bidet hybrids — offer various water delivery options, such as built-in sprayers, nozzles,
or faucets.
They stand out for their convenience, providing a precise clean with retractable nozzles and features like heated water, low-light illumination, odor eliminators, and seat warmers.
Bidets also allow users to adjust water pressure to their preference. However, they need more floor space and may require complex plumbing adjustments and a change in layout.
For pregnant women and those with mobility issues, the low height of bidets can pose a challenge. Also, they are rare in the U.S., which could impact the resale value of a home.