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Is TikTok's Fake Garden Mulch Hack Really Worth The Effort?
Mulch is a landscaping staple that can inevitably make a mess all over your yard, not to mention the smell. Luckily, Tiktok user @creeksidenwi has a solution: rubber mulch mats.
The rubber mulch mat is an all-purpose rubber mat designed to resemble real mulch. It looks so realistic, no one would know it’s fake, and it removes the mess from the equation.
Mulch typically costs somewhere between $45 and $130 per cubic yard. While rubber mulch mats aren't necessarily cheaper, it’s an investment that only needs to be purchased once.
Mulch mats come in a variety of sizes and can be cut to fit any custom measurements you need. When winter hits and you don’t need them, simply roll them up and store them.
Other mulch alternatives that are equally as low-maintenance and aesthetically pleasing as rubber mulch and mats include artificial rocks and pebbles.