A person pouring detergent in a top-loading washing machine
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Is TikTok's Water-Bottle-Washing-Machine Hack Worth The Hype?
In order to remove caked-on dirt that accumulates over time in a top-loading machine, TikTok's viral cleaning method involves pouring a water bottle down the agitator.
Based on the TikTok video that sees black water pouring out of the agitator hole, the method seems quite effective. However, this technique may be more helpful as a backup trick.
Unfortunately, the water bottle trick relies on trusting that hot water will flush out every nook and cranny, and you can't know what part of the agitator needs more attention.
A simpler method, which many top-loaders follow, involves disassembling as much of the agitator as possible and cleaning out the parts individually.
If your washing machine's agitator doesn't have a detachable head, the water bottle trick may suit you more, but add some cleaning agent to wash out the agitator column properly.