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Jenn Todryk Explains Which Rooms To Renovate For Better Resale Value
Jenn Todryk of HGTV’s “No Demo Reno” advises homeowners to put their money into main bathrooms and kitchens to increase their resale value and return on investment (ROI).
Potential buyers look for large, modern bathrooms with natural lighting. A mid-range remodel can add up to 66.7% ROI, while adding a new bathroom results in about a 30% ROI.
Todryk suggests focusing on specific projects, like adding a walk-in shower or replacing countertops and lighting. Unseen upgrades, like improved plumbing, are also major bonuses.
According to Todryk, kitchens are “the hub of the home” and should be functional and durable enough to use every day while also being aesthetically pleasing for family gatherings.
For a high ROI, consider increasing storage with large or stacked cabinets; upping your counter space; opting for durable counter material, like quartz; or adding hardwood floors.