Walkway to front door of colonial home.
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Jenny Marrs' Design Tip Will Set Your Front Door Apart From The Rest
Jenny Marrs from HGTV’s “Fixer to Fabulous” recently shared a stunning design tip on her blog to make your front door look more appealing by making simple tweaks to the front porch.
While renovating her friend Sophia’s home, Marrs added curb appeal by replacing the original roof and changing the siding to give it a complete refresh through a paint job.
She also relocated the front door to the center of the house to make it look more inviting. It was originally placed to the side and was therefore hidden from direct view.
To bring attention to the front door, Marrs placed two large windows on its sides. She then added brick steps leading to the home and thickened the columns flanking the door.
Marrs completed the renovation by placing gas lanterns at the entrance. “... [we] added gas lanterns for that warm, old-world charm,” she revealed in her blog.