Termites attacking on drywood
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Keep Drywood Termites Far From Your Home With This Natural Oil
Drywood termites feed in cellulose from the dry wood in your house's structural beams and support, ruining their integrity. To banish them and protect your home, use clove bud oil.
With its high concentration of eugenol, clove bud essential oil is toxic to termites. Eugenol is generally believed to attack termites’ nervous systems, killing them instantly.
First, ensure you have a drywood termite infestation. The pests leave their droppings — which look like small pellets with ridges — out in the open via tiny holes in the wood.
Next, pour undiluted clove bud essential oil into a spray bottle and mist the affected wood thoroughly. The oil will keep the pests at bay and evaporate without harming the wood.