A swarm of gnats circling each other set against a green background
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Keep Gnats Away From Your Drains With This Simple Bleach Fix
There are many ways for ridding your home of gnats, and one that's been making the rounds on TikTok involves just two items: water and bleach.
Thriving in damp areas, gnats are fond of places that include food and other waste scraps. Your kitchen sink, clearly, fits both of those criteria.
TikTok user BigMamaCooks_ explains that dealing with gnats begins with boiling a big pot of water. Then, pour half a cup of bleach down the drain, followed by half
of the hot water.
Repeat the step with another half cup of bleach and the rest of the boiling water. BigMamaCooks_ uses this hack weekly in the summer, but you can do it as often as needed.