Lizard resting inside home
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Keep Lizards Far From Your Home With This Handy Cleaning Staple
Coming across a lizard in your home can be an unwelcome shock. Fortunately, bleach is a simple, effective way to keep your house lizard-free and even prevent them from returning.
Bleach is also incredibly inexpensive, especially when compared to calling in a professional. To ward off lizards, you'll first have to create a diluted spray of bleach and water.
Next, all you simply have to do is identify any potential areas where the lizards tend to congregate and clean them with your spray as you would do when you clean normally.
However, always double-check that you can work with bleach on certain materials. For example, you should never apply it to wood, marble, laminate, and leather, to name a few.
The strong scent of bleach repulses lizards, helping to ward them off from your home. Keep in mind, though, that bleach may harm or kill lizards, so it’s not the kindest option.