Mouse on the edge of a table
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Keep Mice Out Of Your Home And Garden With These Genius Tips
Use Essential Oils
To deter mice, mix several drops of essential oils like peppermint or eucalyptus with water, and load it into a spray bottle. Mice dislike these strong scents.
Next, spray the potential areas of the home that could be the entry points to mice, such as gutters, doors, and windows. This method works great as a preventive measure.
Grow Plants
Planting eucalyptus, citronella, and lavender and herbs like basil, catnip, and rosemary — all of which mice detest — can help deter them from your garden and home.
Follow all the care instructions on the seed packets or the planters, and always do your research to ensure the plants you choose are safe for your household, including pets.
Use Cinnamon
Spread cinnamon powder around the entry points of mice in your home and garden. To reduce the mess, you can place cinnamon in sachets, or use whole cinnamon sticks.
However, the most potent method is using cinnamon oil in a spray bottle or a diffuser, or on cotton balls to maintain a cinnamon scent around your home and garden.
Get A Cat
Cats are naturally good at detecting mice, in some cases before you even see signs of them in your house. As such, mice may avoid your home and garden if a cat is nearby.
If you don’t currently have a cat, try sprinkling cat litter near the potential entry points of mice. The smell of the litter can remind them of cats and help deter them.
Use Vinegar
Since vinegar's strong smell irritates mice's senses, they tend to avoid it. Humans, too, can be sensitive to its smell, so mix a 1:2 ratio of water and vinegar first.
Next, pour it into a spray bottle and mist the entry points of mice to your home and garden. You can also place vinegar-soaked cotton balls instead.