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Keep Your Bathroom Smelling
Fresh With
One Handy Ingredient
Bathrooms can have unpleasant odors, but traditional solutions, like candles and sprays, have drawbacks. A cost-effective and natural alternative is to use freshly ground coffee.
Coffee has a natural aroma that is inoffensive and soothing. Plus, it contains nitrogen, which can actually neutralize odors, making it perfect for combating foul bathroom smells.
When you are grinding your morning coffee beans, just add in a few extra tablespoons and put them in an air-tight container to maintain their effectiveness over time.
Make sure to use freshly ground coffee, as pre-ground coffee will have lost some of its natural potency. Opt for plastic containers since glass jars may break in the bathroom.
Keep the container in a convenient spot, like a basket on the toilet or under the sink, and when needed, briefly open the lid to let the coffee grounds counteract the bad smells.