Woman using Dyson cordless vacuum
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Keep Your Dyson Running Like It's Brand New With These Tips
To maximize your Dyson's lifespan, adhere to certain maintenance tips. For example, avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures, as this can accelerate the battery’s deterioration.
Make sure you’re not storing it in the closet next to your furnace or in your basement, garage, or apartment landing, especially if these spaces aren't heated or cooled properly.
Follow best charging practices to prolong battery life. Allow the vacuum to cool before charging, and occasionally drain the battery fully to optimize its performance.
Be mindful of how you use Boost or Max modes. While they offer enhanced suction power for tough messes, frequent use can expedite battery wear and decrease its lifespan.
Consider investing in a backup battery for uninterrupted cleaning. This ensures continuous use while one battery charges, extending the overall lifespan of your Dyson vacuum.