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Keep Your Kitchen Clutter-Free With This DIY Dollar Tree Organizer
In a TikTok video posted by DIY community @hometalk, the creator uses simple items from Dollar Tree to create a cute and versatile kitchen organizer for lightweight items.
To craft your own, get eight mini-crates and two matching vertical wooden plank signs from Dollar Tree. Then, gather wood stain, wood glue, and a staple gun with staples.
Start by staining all the wooden components with a wood stain color that matches your home's aesthetic. Next, glue and staple the mini-crates to each other in pairs of two.
Finally, attach each sign to opposite sides of each pair of crates, creating rows of crates sandwiched between the two signs. Be sure to leave even spaces between each row.
Allow the glue 24 hours to cure. Once ready, use your organizer to store dried herbs, teas, pre-packaged snacks like candy, or anything small around your kitchen.