Ziploc bags stacked on top of each other
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Keep Your Ziplock Baggies Organized With This TikTok DIY
Ziplock bags are awkward items to store, but TikToker @_NatalieChristine shows how to make your own baggie organizer similar to store-bought ones yet at a fraction of the price.
This DIY creates a dedicated drawer space to put your plastic bags, as well as cling wrap and tin foil. You just need a cardboard box, contact paper, labels, and hot glue.
Measure the drawer you plan to put the organizer in, and cut the cardboard to size. Then, cut out spaces for your baggies, as well as spaces for tin foil or cling wrap if you’d like.
Next, cut out dividers for the sections from the leftover cardboard, and hot glue them to the organizer surface. Cover your baggie organizer in contact paper, and add your labels.
If necessary, apply Velcro dots from Dollar Tree to hold your organizer in place, then simply place your bags into the relevant sections, and they’ll be easy to retrieve and use.