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Kick Garden Weeds To The Curb With
This Low-Maintenance Shrub
Weeds are a blight on your immaculate landscape, stealing nutrients, sunlight, and water from other plants. Choke out those pesky weeds by planting a glorious creeping juniper.
Creeping juniper is a low-growing evergreen shrub that spreads out like a mat, densely blanketing the ground and smothering weeds by competing for light, nutrients, and water.
You can curtail weeds with creeping juniper on sloped or rocky areas, in rock gardens or flower beds, or on a border — just ensure it gets full sun and loamy, slightly clay soils.
Plant this shrub ideally in spring so it can establish its roots before the heat of summer and the cold of winter. Then, it’ll be easy to maintain and will tolerate every season.
To be able to suppress weeds, creeping juniper must first become fully established, which takes up to three years. Until then, you’ll need to pull weeds or lay down a weed barrier.