Leanne Ford (Photo by David Buchan/Variety/Penske Media via Getty Images)
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Leanne Ford Explains How To Update Butcher Block Countertops
If your butcher block countertops need a refresh, or if you simply want to give newly installed ones a muted tone, interior designer Leanne Ford suggests whitewashing them.
Whitewashing butcher blocks creates a stunning white finish that is great for farmhouse, cottage style, Scandinavian, and coastal decor, and can be used as a statement piece.
To whitewash your butcher block like Ford, you'll need water, white paint, a dry cloth, a staining sponge, white wood stain, a paintbrush, a bowl, and a quarter-inch roller.
Dust and wipe off your butcher block with a moist towel before you begin. After that, prepare your whitewash by combining one part paint with one part water in a bowl.
Dip your staining sponge into your bowl and rub it on the counter in the grain's direction, removing the excess with your dry cloth. Repeat until the entire block is covered.
Repeat the process once the first coat has dried to increase the pigmentation or seal the surface. Ford seals the paint by combining parts B and A of Rubio Monocoat
Wood Stain.
Pour an apple-sized amount on the surface, brush and roll it toward the grain, and let it cure for 20 minutes. Finally, apply a second coat, and let it cure for 24 hours.