Toilet paper rolls in a bathroom
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Leftover Oatmeal Containers Have An Unexpected Use In Your Bathroom
The next time you finish your oatmeal, save the cylindrical container it comes in to transform it into something that hides your toilet paper with this easy DIY hack.
The first step is to obtain an old oatmeal container, glue, and contact paper. You can also purchase self-adhesive wallpaper or paint the outside instead of covering it.
Although the sky is the limit with decorating, you can choose colors that complement your bathroom's decor, stick with neutral shades, or opt for bright, welcoming colors.
You don't need to cover the plastic lid of your decorative holder, but you can if you want to conceal your toilet paper from all angles. You could even add strips of washi tape.
The one drawback is that these containers are made from cardboard, so they can't get wet. However, you can seal your project with Mod Podge to help protect your handiwork.