A cute Hummingbird enjoying sugar water from a red bird feeder in rural Minnesota, USA.
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Make A DIY Bird Feeder With Simple Serving Spoons
Native birds offer natural pest control and encourage pollination in your garden, among other benefits. You can now easily attract them to your yard with this DIY spoon bird feeder.
First, mark the bottom half of a plastic bottle with a black Sharpie and draw three half-inch lines, all equally spaced and staggered around the bottle.
Gather spoons that are deep enough to hold the birdseed. Wearing gloves, cut along each mark on the bottle, ensuring the opening is wide enough to accommodate the spoon handles.
Insert each spoon, cutting an exit hole for it. Secure each handle in place with glue, then attach a plastic plate to the bottom of your bird feeder.
Lastly, fill the feeder with birdseed, replace the cap, and hang it from a tree or position it on a table. You can paint this feeder in different colors to attract different birds.