woman using a paintbrush to apply a wood stain to the top of patio set
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Make A Natural DIY Wood Stain With This Handy Kitchen Ingredient
A surprising kitchen staple can enhance your furniture's charm in the most straightforward, homely way. Coffee's staining secret lies in its abundance of tannins.
Staining wood with coffee frees the wood from being tainted by harsh chemicals. It’s an easy, non-flammable, and health-friendly alternative to traditional stains.
Brew a pot of strong, dark roast coffee; steeping your brew longer ensures a rich hue. As the coffee cools, prepare the wood.
Sand the wood with the coarsest sandpaper grit at 80 and gradually polish, progressing from 120-grit to 220-grit. When done, wipe with a sponge to remove residual dust.
Soak a sponge, cloth, or foam brush in the brewed coffee, ensuring it absorbs the liquid well. Apply the stain by moving toward the wood grain with even coverage.
If you want a darker shade, apply another coat every two hours. Once finished, leave your surface to dry, then protect it with a water-based sealant.