Hand holding DIY seed tape
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Make DIY Seed Tape For Easier Gardening Every Time
You'll need seeds, biodegradable material like toilet paper or paper towels, flour and water to make the glue, and a paintbrush or popsicle stick to apply the glue.
Make Glue
To make non-toxic, biodegradable glue to attach the seeds to the strips, mix together water and all-purpose flour to make a thin paste similar to regular white craft glue.
Cut your paper towel to size or tear your toilet paper along its perforations to fit the length of your garden beds, then cut the paper lengthwise into 1-inch-wide strips.
Apply Glue
Next, lay out your individual strips across the table, and measure where to attach your seeds according to the recommended spacing on the seed packet instructions.
Apply a dot of glue at the correct intervals along your paper strips, keeping the dots closer to one edge because you're going to be folding the paper in half to cover the seeds.
Add Seeds
Put a seed in each dot of glue until the strip is filled, then fold the paper in half and press it to glue it closed. When the strips are dry, they’re ready for planting.