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Married To Real Estate Stars Love This Low-
Cost Marble Alternative
If you love the look of marble, but aren’t so keen on its price or how easily it discolors, "Married to Real Estate" star Egypt Sherrod has a cost-effective workaround: Porcelain.
Porcelain countertops, which look remarkably similar to marble, cost around $50 to $70 per square foot, whereas marble will set you back between $40 and $200 per square foot.
While marble is quarried stone, porcelain is a type of ceramic. Neither its origins nor the lower price make it a poorer quality option, and in many respects, the opposite is true.
One of the key advantages of porcelain is that it’s non-porous, so if you spill common kitchen liquids, such as wine or oils, they won’t absorb into the material and leave a stain.
In stain tests, which you can watch on YouTube, porcelain stood up well — for example, removing a Sharpie line just needed a spritz of Windex, whereas on marble, it wouldn’t budge.
Apart from the material, you’ll need to consider installation and repair costs. Porcelain is known for its hardiness, but if it does get badly chipped, it could be costly to fix.