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Maximize Your Storage Space With A Dollar Tree Shelf Riser
Use vertical space to free up your bathroom vanity by attaching a wire riser to a Dollar Tree Essentials Gold Wire Tray with zip ties and using another tray as the base.
Then, spray paint the riser and trays, cut two pieces of cardboard to fit inside the trays, cover them with contact paper, and insert them. Now, add your cosmetics or toiletries.
To create a desktop paper organizer, turn two risers upside down so the legs face upward, and overlap them from the sides so the legs are equidistant, creating three sections.
Hold them in place with zip ties, then put file folders containing your documents into the slots. You can label each slot to organize documents, projects, or kids’ homework.
Use several wire risers together with small containers like Dollar Tree Crafter's Square Wood Trays with Handles to vertically store all your crafting supplies and tools.
Stack the risers to create a shelf, then place them on your desk or worktop for your quick-access supplies, or use them on storage shelves or on top of cabinets for surplus items.