A large white floor planter in the interior of a home
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Move Your Spare Planters To The Guest Room For Extra Towel Storage
If your old planter is no longer in use, repurpose it as a storage unit in the guest room that can hold towels, making them accessible while keeping everything neat and organized.
You might have kept these linens in a closet or on a surface in the guest room or bathroom, but this can take up precious space that people might need for other travel necessities.
Clean and sanitize the planter, then roll a few towels and insert them vertically into the planter, producing a chic aesthetic in the room. Ensure you don't overstuff the towels.
If your planter doesn't already have a decorative pattern or design, use acrylic craft paint or textured spray paints to redesign it and match it with your room's layout or theme.
White, gray, or other neutral colors will look good on any planter, and solid-hued towels in white or other basic colors will also help to keep your room's theme consistent.