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Nate Berkus Shares His Alternative To Traditional Vertical Blinds
If you’re looking to forgo traditional vertical blinds, Nate Berkus recommends replacing them with curtains. Unlike blinds, this option helps a room’s design appear more timeless.
In an interview with My Domaine, Berkus explains that curtains "feel like an important final step that needs to happen for a room to feel complete and layered."
The designer adds curtains to almost every room that he designs, but if full-length curtains don't work for your space, roller or Roman shades can also help you achieve this look.
No matter where you’re hanging curtains, Berkus suggests taking advantage of the height to ensure they hang the full length from the ceiling to the floor.
As for picking the right style, he explains that "curtains could be a stand-alone feature [...], but most of the time, there should be a connection to what else is in the room."