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Native Ornamental Grasses You Should Consider Planting & Why
While grasses can be overlooked, ornamental varieties like big bluestem, shore little bluestem, eastern gamagrass, and northern sea oats bring color and intrigue to any landscape.
Big bluestem grass thrives in full sun with moist soil, making it perfect along ponds or streams. Its bluish-green stalks also beautifully line flower bed borders or walkways.
Ranging from bluish-green, purple, white, and brown throughout the year, shore little bluestem provides lovely color to any yard while deterring erosion and protecting wildlife.
Eastern gamagrass blooms before other grasses to add color and provide food for pollinators. While its seeds are hard to establish, the resulting deep green landscape is worth it.
Low-maintenance northern sea oats provide beautiful green colors in late summer. Plant it in an open area to watch it spread, or divide it among flower beds to control its growth.