Old windows stacked against each other
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Need Extra Bathroom Storage? Here's How An Old Window Could Help
Bathroom storage is essential for many who want to keep items tucked away yet within easy reach. Various cabinets are available, but you can make your own with an old window.
Begin by measuring your window to determine the size of your cabinet. Allow about ½ inches larger than the window, letting the door rest flush inside the cabinet.
Factor in the thickness of the window in your measurements to ensure a firm close. Cut down plywood to the depth of your cabinet on both the vertical sides and the top and bottom.
Form a simple wood box by attaching the sides with a pocket jig and screws. Use a router to dig out a groove where the shelves will meet the sides of the frame and rest inside.
Attach the window to the front of the cabinet using hinges. Back the cabinet with another piece of thin plywood by nailing it or using heavy-duty staples along the perimeter.
Turn the window into a door by attaching it with hinges to the front of the cabinet. Alternatively, build your box to the exact size of the window and mount the hinges on the side.
To hang your cabinet, use another piece of scrap wood to form a support at the top that can be screwed directly into wall studs, or add a French cleat along the back.