Red azalea and hostas
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Our Gardening Expert On How To Encourage New Growth From Hostas
Beautiful and easy to care for, hostas can make a great addition to a garden. House Blog’s gardening expert shares some do’s and don’ts for successfully growing these plants.
Rhonda Kaiser, the founder and content creator at Southern Home and Farm, reveals that one common mistake people make is being unaware that hostas aren’t sun-tolerant plants.
“Planting them in the full sun will not only cause leaf burn and scorch but will lead to diminished growth,” Kaiser says, adding that hostas should be planted in a shady location.
There’s a wide variety of hostas, each with slightly different needs. Kaiser recommends reading the plant care tags that come with the plants to learn more about specific needs.
She adds, “These tags [...] include planting requirements such as sun/shade, watering, mature plant size, hardiness, and space requirements, so you can plan accordingly.”
Kaiser suggests keeping the hostas free from insects and diseases by removing damaged leaves, using mulch, and removing spent flower stalks after blooming to encourage new growth.