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Curtain For Your Bathroom With These Helpful Tips
The right shower curtain can be stylish while also keeping water from splashing onto the floor. Here’s how to pick the right curtain features that will fit your bathroom.
Fabric shower curtains tend not to be waterproof, so add a liner to keep it dry and free of mold and mildew. While machine washable, fabric curtains should be air dried.
Liners and curtains also now come in PEVA/EVA, newer plastics that drape like fabric but are more eco-friendly than vinyl and PVC, making them a greener, healthier option.
Vinyl, PVC, and PEVA/EVA curtains should only be cleaned by spraying a household cleaner. Allow the liners to fall inside the tub during a shower and use weighted liners if needed.
For bathrooms with a lot of decor, pick a curtain with a solid, minimalist color. A clear or white one lets in more light, while adding a pattern or texture can liven up the room.
Make sure that your curtain fits the theme or style of your room and, if hardware is needed, choose rings that match or contrast the curtain and other fixtures in the bathroom.