Hummingbird on white perch in yard
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Plant Bluebells And Watch Hummingbirds Flock To
Your Yard
Virginia bluebells are a shade-loving home garden favorite that offer pink and lavender-hued flowers with a tubular shape and mild fragrance that hummingbirds can’t resist.
While hummingbirds love red flowers, they're also partial to pink and purple blooms, especially if they're shaped like a trumpet and hang downwards in a bell-like fashion.
Bluebells are one of the earliest flowers to appear in the spring and have nectar and pollen bottled up inside that provide hummingbirds with a guaranteed feast.
In early spring, the plant pushes deep purple prongs out of the earth that transform into blue-green foliage and flower stalks reaching a foot tall.
It blooms only from April through May but sometimes into early June, depending on the location. By summer, it's gone, lying dormant under the ground until next season.