A red rose bush
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Plant These Herbs Near Your Rose Bushes To Keep Pests Away
It’s disappointing and frustrating when your rose bushes become bug food. Fortunately, you can plant certain herbs near your roses to keep the pests away and your roses healthy.
Some herbs drive pests away with strong odors, while others release chemicals like linalool and oils that make the soil and nearby plants uninhabitable, forcing pests to move on.
For the most success, determine what pests are bothering your roses and then plant herbs they are sure to hate. For example, garlic or catnip can repel harmful Japanese beetles.
Similarly, dill or fennel will deter aphids, whereas garlic or chives repel moles. The potent smell of sage and lavender chases away mosquitoes, ants, moths, and slugs.
Companion herbs like parsley can also deter beetles from burrowing into the soil while attracting lacewings that prey on aphids and other harmful small insects.