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Pool Noodle And Home Essential Hacks That'll Make Laundry Day
A Breeze
Cut a pool noodle to fit your hanger, slit it lengthwise, then slide it onto the hanger rung. Now you can hang your clothes over it to air-dry them without them wrinkling.
You can also use this method to cover the slats of a drying rack or the cords of a clothesline so that the smooth surface of the pool noodle prevents them from creating creases.
To catch socks that slide off during washing, attach a pool noodle to the sides and back of the washer and dryer with Velcro or double-sided tape, with the ends curved upward.
Stop the noise caused by an unbalanced washing machine by wedging a pool noodle firmly in between the washer and the wall or the dryer to act as a shock absorber.
Prevent your clothes from clumping together and staying damp by adding some clean new tennis balls into the dryer along with the items that you’re drying.
Freshen up smelly laundry baskets containing dirty clothes by filling the toes of a pair of pantyhose with several tablespoons of baking soda and 20 drops of essential oil.
Knot the open ends of the pantyhose, then toss your DIY odor-absorbing sachets into the bottom of your hamper. These sachets also work well when placed inside a pair of shoes.