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Prevent Grass From Sticking To Your Lawn Mower Blades With WD-40
Cleaning off the blades after a lawn trim is important. To avoid removing excess trimmings, use some WD-40 to coat the machine and prevent cuttings from sticking to the blades.
WD-40 makes the surface slick, making it easier for the trimming to slide off. It's an easy fix for a dirty task, allowing you to enjoy the lawn rather than dread the cleanup.
After removing the spark plug and carefully tipping the machine to one side, use a brush with wire bristles to clean the trimmings and rust stains off the blades and underside.
Wipe the blades with a towel and spray them with a generous amount of WD-40. Give it a few seconds to sit to keep the solution from being too sticky when the mower starts running.
The WD-40 will keep water and other elements from corroding the blades since it acts as a barrier between the elements and the material, minimizing mechanical issues.
After every use, clean the blades using a wire brush or a stainless steel mower blade. Then reapply WD-40 to the reels to keep your unit lubricated and free from build-up.